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    The handbook, and everyone else, tells me that the Assessed Income Period is of no concern to the Local Authority in the calculation of HB/CTB. If that’s the case why is it specifically mentioned in our new regs?

    reg 23 sub paras seven and eight, refer to the situation where savings credit is in payment and there is a change which puts the capital over £16,000 and there is an AIP. Now I’m comfortable that where savings credit only is in payment and capital rises above £16,000 this is a notifiable change of circs to the LA and we must end HB and CTB immediately. So why does reg 23 specifically refer to the presence of the AIP?


    I feel the reference to the AIP means that the change to the capital has not bought an end or change to the SPC. PS have initially told us that capital is below £16 000 and they have determined an AIP, probably 5 years and they will only end this in prescribed circumstances. If we then determine capital goes above £16 000 HB/CTB will end, even though PC will be unaffected for the AIP. I could be wrong but I can’t see why else the reference is there.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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