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    I know you have closed this but I would just like to know if you have revised your original decision regarding taking the Capital into account and therefore excluding her from CTB?


    I would also be curious to know when the DWP introduced the innovation of people having the choice between claiming JSA(C) or JSA(IB).

    Kevin D

    [quote:00aa96d9d1]when the DWP introduced the innovation of people having the choice between claiming JSA(C) or JSA(IB).[/quote:00aa96d9d1]

    It’s been a few years since claiming this, but I used to have all sorts of problems with this!

    Often, the JC advisor would ask which one I wanted to claim! Immediately followed (barely pausing for breath) with a question “have you paid enough contributions”? (How the hell was I supposed to know??).

    When I eventually got a word in edgeways, I asked why it mattered and couldn’t I claim on an “either / or” basis?

    It transpired that if I didn’t think there were enough contributions, I didn’t have to bother filling in one part of the JSA claim form. But, if I was confident that I’d get JSA(C), then I didn’t need to fill the JSA(IB) part!

    However, that advice was (and presumably still is?) fundamentally flawed. Because, if you failed to complete the JSA(IB) part of the form at the outset, and it was then found there was no entitlement to JSA(C) through lack of contributions; JSA(IB) couldn’t be considered as, yep, you’ve guessed it, it hadn’t been claimed…….. DOH!

    If this still the same? No idea. I got so frustrated with the attitude of the DWP/JC, I stopped claiming JSA between contracts. And, if that hassle and aggravation is happening to someone who has at least a modicum of knowledge of claiming and the wherewithall to take on the DWP/JC, it seems reasonable to assume that it must have been (still is?) an absolute nightmare for claimants who have considerably less knowledge.

    Oh, nearly forgot. Is the JSA form still in two parts? If so, my advice, is to complete ALL of the form every time. Absolutely without exception and irrespective of any “advice” from the JC/DWP.



    As far as I am aware the JSA form is in two parts: Green for JSA (C) and Yellow for (IB) (Last JSA1 I saw in any case). The relevant HB question is contained on the IB pages and not the C ones so (IMHO) a fatal flaw on the form design (DWP surely not!!). A case for discrimination perhaps?

    Do I know what I'm doing? The jury's out on that........................

Viewing 4 posts - 31 through 34 (of 34 total)
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