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    Some of our claimants have visited us with letters from the Pension Service with some quite worrying errors. Firstly they are referring claimants to the local County Council for issues relating to housing benefit, rather than the District and secondly they have explained that the claimant can contact the housing benefit team to get support charges included in their Housing Benefit (rather than referring them to the Supporting People Team) – has anyone else experienced similar problems?

    Then again, the DWP still send details to an address that we vacated in 1994 and has since been converted into social housing – so I don’t suppose we should expect miracles!.


    We spotted this the other day as well – Pension Service infoming the public to send their HB/CTB claim forms to the county council instead of our offices.

    I contacted them and they assured me they would put it right……….Interesting to see it was not a one-off in our area.


    We have also had the problem, as the Pension Service only hold town council addresses. (I don’t know why either)

    They weren’t too concerned until we mentioned Data protection, then they said they would get it corrected.


    It works both ways though!

    I recently called a Local authority in Hertfordshire to get some help with a relative’s benefits, spoke to their HB section and ended up having an argument as they did not know who the Pension Service were, I explained what they did and they still refused to acknowledge their existence or help me get a number for them……..

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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