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    We are going to archive the postings on this message board.

    A new board has been set up for postings relating to the new regs.

    We will move some of the threads from this board which, as far as we can tell, relate to the new regs.

    Please remember to make the headings of any postings meaningful as this will make searching for topics and threadss so much easier for everyone!!!

    We may try and split the postings up in to rough topics – eg overpyaments, rent liability, nondependants etc



    If you started a thread on this message board it would help us identify the old reg queries and the new reg queries if you edit the title and just add something like old regs or new regs at the end (if the title)!

    Darren Broughton

    Will we be able to access/view the archived postings?


    oh yes everything will still be there – but not to add too


    When are you proposing that the archiving takes place?


    Will hopefully start next week.

    We will try to identify all the recent threads that just need moving over to the 2006 regs board first to maintain some continuity.

    Then we will try to sort out the old threads into some kind of order – I’m not sure how feasible this will be as it will involve doing searches for key words/phrases.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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