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    I think this message board topic is *GRRRreeeaaat!
    *Just think Tony the Tiger – Frosties…

    Very much in favour of this kind of sharing as it saves us all work – and also raises standards. Main thing is – don’t be scared to share.

    Has everyone seen»
    [url=]DWP HB training materials?[/url]

    They are updated and improved from the version I saw last year. Even if you don’t use them all, they are definately worth a look for inspiration and comparison. I have successfully used several of them “straight out of the box” for new entrants.

    They have been produced by consortium of 4 LAs and APT training. Obviously nothing in there on “system” issues.

    Still being actively worked on and will shortly include exercises and learning aids too (so I hear).

    They are all in Acrobat format but there is nothing to prevent you from storing them on your intranet and using a local menu to reference them.

    I have an example of a local menu for them if anyone wants to try this.



    Are you able to send a copy, please.




    Peter – I too would be interested. I have printed off a copy of the manual for each team, but would like to put in on our intranet. This would be very helpful and save me some time.

    Thanks in advance.


    I am currently pasting them into ‘Word’, and saving them as .html files so that they can be accessed from a shared drive via internet explorer.

    It is very time consuming, but I think it will be worth it in the end.


    I’ve already written a working local menu
    Can email you a copy (with acrobat files included) if you prefer….
    Send me your email address if you want to have a look


    I have tried to email the local menu out to people
    At least one has reported that the attachment gets blocked when sent by email
    With some help from the HBInfo techies I hope to post a link to the file in this message
    You can then download it yourself from the web.


    I have just received a copy from Peter and it works fine….


    Me too please!! Thank you 😆


    Peter, I too would be interested in your local menu.

    I am currently creating a new training package and am modelling it directly on the training material on the DWP website (with moderations for local practice etc).

    I am also involved in rewriting our Benefits Manual which provides system procedures and this is being merged with the new training plan so that trainees will gradually be provided with theory and system notes to put in their personal manual.

    This means they can reference both theory and system information at one port of reference.

    We have discussed an online version of this in addition to the hard copy for staff who prefer to use the computer more.

    I am very enthusiastic about a new message board for this topic wondered if anybody had taken steps to request this?

    A Training Officers Forum has also been set up by the IRRV Education Officer for Scotland and I am going to a first meeting on 22/11/04 in Fife. I am unsure of the other delegates but I think its a great idea that we all put our heads together and share information.

    Thanks Peter 😀


    Hi Lynn

    I’ve sent an email to your email address – or my best guess at it anyway

    Some people have found that the email gets blocked by their mail server.

    I’m trying to get the file posted on this message board so people can download it from the web.

    Check back later


    got it thanks Peter. Excellent stuff 😀


    The file now available for download in seperate message titled “Training materials”


    Hi Peter, can you please send me a copy of your local menu. Thanks. My E Mail address is


    The local menu set can now be downloaded from here»

    The zip file contains all the acrobat files too.

    [b:829e4e4c49]To use: [/b:829e4e4c49]
    unzip the zip file somewhere
    you’ll get a folder called “dwp model training”
    (it might be tucked inside another folder called “training_materials”)
    In the “dwp model training” folder you’ll see a number of files/folders

    [b:829e4e4c49]Index file: [/b:829e4e4c49]
    Locate the file called “index”
    This is the file to use to start the menu


    Is there a training officers conference (England)?

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