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    I am about to advertise my “benefit manager”, but previously the post was called “principal benefit officer”, the person has responsibility for daya to day management and planning of all aspects of benefit comprising three teams. What do you call your post holders of the similar job. I’m not trying to run the advert here 😆 just trying to find out whether others still have PBO’s or whether most are now BM and if anyone feels as I do that BM is a more attrractive title to applicants. Thoughts most welcome, or alternatives!!


    I have no idea of the Big Cheeses official title…how bad is that.

    Most common title is the big boss. She is one below THE BOSS.

    As far as I know it goes:
    Revenues Officer (assessor)
    Senior Officer (boss of individual assessor teams)
    Big Cheese (boss of senior officers & teams)
    THE BOSS(boss of all above in both Housing Benefit & Local Taxation



    I call mine “ma’am”.

    For what it’s worth I think that Benefits Manger is more modern and reflects what is needed from someone in that role.

    More importantly. how much?


    I see you’re still under the influence of Christmas, Phil, referring to a Benefits ‘Manger’- one school play too far?

    Re the original thread, I have heard of Head of Benefit Service but the reponsibilties were wide ranging including budget setting & monitoring, purchase of hard and software, responsiblity for reception area, fraud, overpayment recovery etc. as well as assessments.


    Benefits Manager deffo 😉


    The job titles traditionally reflect the level of devolution within the authority (and the level of pay).

    Principal Benefit Officer would tend to reflect the demands of a small authority, with a few staff and very little policy work (more day to day management of teams).

    Benefit Manager reflects a little more devolution, with perhaps a larger staff level, however very little responsability with regard to structure / financial management of benefits.

    Head of Service would tend to represent a greater level of devolution, with direct control over staffing / budgets, liaison with Members and would also tend to imply that staffing levels are high.


    Thanks very much for your votes folks, we have decided and have advertised the post as Benefit Manager.

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