To piggyback, or not to piggyback?

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    Income Support entitlement from 18 Jan 06
    Contacts HB office 1 Feb 06
    Form issued 1 Feb 06
    Form returned 23 Feb 06

    Would the claim date be 1 Feb 06, or as first contact is within the time limits for a passported claim would it be taken back to 18 Jan 06?

    I have one set of notes saying that you can’t piggyback the regs and another that says that date of first contact is the date of claim so you would be able to do so.

    I’m trying to sort something out for some trainees but can’t get my head round it myself!!! Help please!!!! ❓

    Kevin D

    HBR 83(5) applies:

    Based on the info given, sub paras a-c don’t apply. Therefore, intention takes effect (sub para d).

    In this case, the claim date is 1st Feb 2006 (one month from intention).

    The structure of HBR 83(5)(a)-(d) appears to prevent “intention” being enough to satisfy a-c.




    Whilst agreeing with Kevin’s analysis, I wonder is there an earlier CMS app or NHB1 that has not been forwarded to your office? May be worth checking.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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