Too many children for one house

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    We have a couple who have just married, she has 3 children and he has 4. They live next door to each other with different Landlords. They are claiming Income Support as a couple. Not sure if we can pay hb on both homes. Read DWP v Miah but still confused. Also not sure how to refer to the rent service. CTB will have to be paid for both properties as they are two seperated dwellings. Any comments would be appreciated.

    Darren W

    The Regulations only allow HB on two properties due to size of household if they are housed by a housing authority. See HBR 7(6)(c) since this is not the case I would say no.

    Carol Meredith

    To be classed as a couple the partners have to be members of the same household. It appears from your post that they are not neccesarily members of the same houshold if each is occupying their own separate dwelling with separate tenancies. If that is the case then you do not have a couple for benefit purposes but two families and can pay each parent.



    I agree.

    The DWP seem to have their end of things in a pickle in my opinion… 😉


    I agree as well but…

    …it does seem like an unusual set-up. Are you sure the couple are not in one property, despite the TA’s, and some of the (older?) kids in the other?

    Not that I have the foggiest where that would leave you! 😕

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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