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    Click the following link to download Peter’s material


    We will post a html version of the DWP materials on a new ‘training’ section over the weekend

    If anyone wants to donate anything just email it to



    Zip file contains all the acrobat files too.

    [b:5a741e6d50]To use:[/b:5a741e6d50]
    unzip the zip file somewhere
    you’ll get a folder called “dwp model training”
    (it might be tucked inside another folder called “training_materials”)
    In the “dwp model training” folder you’ll see a number of files/folders

    [b:5a741e6d50]Index file:[/b:5a741e6d50]
    Locate the file called “index”
    This is the file to use to start the menu.


    😳 How do I unzip them?!


    Assuming you have downloaded the zip file:

    If you have “unzipping” software installed on your PC you should just be able to double click the zip file.

    Alternatively, if you have unzipping software, you could right click the zip file and choose an option off the menu to “extract”.

    If none of these seems to work – the most likely problem is that you do not have the required unzipping software.

    Visit and download/install WinZip. This is the standard (free) software for the job. Check with your IT department.


    Thank you – I think the problem is that there is no unzipping software installed on my PC.

    Thanks very much!


    Are there plans to unzip the documents because I and I am sure other work for Authorities where zipped password protected etc documents are not allowed in via the firewall?


    Too quick on the submit button ❗ and cannot edit

    I meant “Others” plural obviously also some authorites do not have the unzipping software on metaframes or will not allow software to be installed on PCs


    I would be grateful for this too in case there is some reason I won’t be able to get this unzipping software (which is likely)! 😀


    The menu, with pdf files included is 32 files in total.

    Problem with unzipping it at [b:c869631b3b]this[/b:c869631b3b] end is that you would need to download all of the 32 separate files (and someone would have to write a download menu with instructions for re-assembling at other end into corrct folder structure etc.)

    That’s the beauty of zip files: you only need to download one file and then unzip it.

    If you do not have Winzip or similar, and cannot install it, suggest that you download the file and refer it to your IT dept.

    Does anyone’s IT dept really stop folks using zip files?



    Ours does here, although I probably could get IT to do it for me (although I would have to get them to register etc or give my login details,) I’ll probably do it from home and thats the reason why I mentioned it. I suspect that there are people out there who would have more difficulty with IT dept and probably not bother which seems a shame.

    Having said this I can understand your point about zipped files.


    😡 I have tried to download a copy of your training materials, but our server keeps restricting the download.

    Can you email me a copy of the zip file please?

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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