Transferring DHP responsibility to Housing Options Team

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    I am a Benefit Take-Up Officer based within the Housing Options Team. Part of my JD is to prevent homelessness by increasing claimants income.
    My line manager is asking that the DHP’s are transferred to me rather than sitting with the HB team. I am a little concerned 😕 regarding conflict of interest & the time that I will spend processing the claims along with my many other tasks. Also the actual logistics of the payment runs etc.

    Are there any other LA’s out there who’s DHP sits within their housing team? If so, what are the pro’s & con’s please?


    I would be most curoius if you receive any replies about this matter. It is something our Housing section would like to happen. However, my view is that although DHP is not HB the DWP still expects it to be administered by the benefits department not via Housing. I agree with you concerns regarding conflict of interest as I have raised this issue in the past when there have been discussions about what department would admister DHP’s. It also has to do with consistency and the fact that the customer has to be in receipt of HB/CTB in order to recieve DHP. What would hte logistics be regarding awarding DHP’s on the system etc?

    Anyway, there are various other issues that concern me about the proposal but I will not get into them now.

    Have you though about putting your question on the normal HB message board? You will probably get more of a response.



    Hi Michele

    Thanks for your comments……I will post this onto the main board


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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