Transitional Protection Problems with closed period supersession

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    Ian Devine

    I know this is a gray area but I was wondering if anyone else had an issue with periods of non entitlement whilst LHA transitional protection is in place.
    If the claim has transitional protection and you amend a claimants income, and they become not entitled for a short period, then Academy will not allow the claim to be adjusted, stating ‘NIL ENTITLEMENT PERIOD FOUND FROM FROM (EFFECTIVE DATE) PLEASE CANCEL AND RECOMENCE THE CLAIM FROM THE APPROPIATE DATE’.

    We do no want to cancel the claim, we want to adjust it so the letters read correct, telling the claimant what their income is and how the claim was calculated, as their income for that period was to high.

    I know there is a debate about whether or not transitional protection should continue in these circumstances as it is not an end of a claim, but a period of non entitlement.

    Can anyone please let me know how you deal with these scenarios at you Authority.

    Thank you in advance.


    I refered this to Capita a while back and this was their response

    ‘This message will usually be displayed when the period of NIL entitlement falls within a period of LHA Transitional Protection. Another site has recently queried this, and I therefore referred this to one of our Product Delivery Managers to confirm if the system is functioning correctly.

    I have been advised that the system design means that users will need to cancel and recommence cases in this scenario. Late amendments being made by the DWP made it impossible for this to be completed via an adjustment during the initial development. In normal circumstances, I would raise this as a request for an amendment to the system; however as Transitional Protection will only be in place for a limited time and it is unlikely the change control would be given high priority, there is little point in it being raised.

    In this scenario, you will need to cancel and recommence the claim.’

    We then manually amend letters and stats as appropriate.

    Ian Devine

    Thanks for your help on this, I found that if you removed the transitional protection for the period of no entitlement and then put it back on when they were entitled again the system will allow the adjustment, and the letter just requires the Eligible Rent to be amended on the letter, but I’m not sure how this will affect us with audit.
    For the moment I will take your advice and just cancel and reopen.

    Thanks again for your support 🙂

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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