Two changes in same week effective in different weeks

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    Nathan Jessup

    Where two changes occur in the same ben wk which are effective in diff ben wks, and one of the changes is to rent/ctax liability, the effective date is the date of the rent/ctax liability. I am happy with this, but my question is do the two changes have to be on the same claim?

    Example: non-dep son moves out of parents house Thurs 28/10/10 and moves to new tenancy Fri 29/10/10. Normally, non-dep change eff from Mon 1/11/10 and new liability eff from 29/10/10. Does this follow the above rule where two changes occur in same ben wk but are eff in diff ben wks, meaning both changes are eff from 29/10/10? Or is the son on two claims at the same time for 3 days? The Regs do not specify that the two changes must apply to the same claim.

    Andy Thurman

    The 2 claims are entirely separate and, yes, that will mean that there will be an ‘overlap’.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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