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    nicki jenkins

    Hi I have a claim where claimant has changed address on the same day that her Job Seekers allowance has ended and she has not provided her new income details to enable us to continue paying at her new address after several attempts to contact her. She did claim dual housing benefit however and has shown she has a liability on her former home for the notice period. The previous forum notes seem to suggest that we can pay the notice period but just wondered if anyone can confirm this as i can find nothing in the regs relating to income not known /changed for paying dual hb.
    Thanks Nicki

    Kevin D

    There are two separate issues here. If the clmt satisfies the 2-homes provision, that is simply an occupancy issue and is one of the many elements that go towards entitlement. However, if the clmt hasn’t responded to income enquiries and there is no evidence as to the level and/or type of income the clmt now has, the LA is within its rights to draw inferences about the clmt’s income. In addition, is it possible the clmt has moved to live with a partner? So long as the LA has given the clmt a reasonable opportunity to provide / supply info and evidence and allowed the appropriate minimum time limits AND informed the clmt of those limits, the LA can properly make a decision.

    Based on the info given, it appears reasonable to draw an inference to the effect that the clmt’s household and/or income has changed to the extent she is no longer entitled to HB. It’s then up to the clmt to challenge that decision through the usual dispute channels (don’t forget to send any notification(s ) to the new address!).

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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