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    A claim form has come into our office from a pensioner on guarunteed pension credit. He is living in a property with a mortgage on and part of his pension credit is for mortgage interest. The property is slap bang in the middle of land which a housing association own apart from his house. They have come to an arrangement whereby they will build new houses on this land and knock his house down and build him a brand new one.

    In the mean time they offered to find him further accomodation to live in. However he found his own accomodation of which the housing association have agreed to pay 75% rent of this property.

    He is still liable to make payments for the mortgage on the property that is not there.

    Am I right in thinking that he wouldnt be eligible due to the fact that he has a mortgage on one property and rent on the other and also knocking down a property to build a new one isant really essential repairs

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