UC (Miscellaneous Amendments, Saving and Transitional Protection) Regulations 2018

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    Has everyone seen these regulations?  http://www.legislation.gov.uk/uksi/2018/65/made

    Local Authorities have a lot to consider here:

    • details of the transitional housing payment. HB paid for two weeks based on UC income, so effectively passported. LAs will need to devise new processes for managing the HB stops, and paying claimants who have moved.

    • Temporary Accommodation changes, which will not apply to an award of UC on 10th April 2018 until the liability to pay rent or service charges change, or the award ceases to include the housing element. i.e. needs to be UC housing costs verification. New claims will be new rules. Claimants will have to apply for HB, which is then assessed with UC as income. The challenge will be in identifying and managing those cases. 

    • DHP regulations amendments to allow DHP for any UC assessment period when the person would have been entitled to UC housing costs if they hadn’t occupied Specified or Temporary Accommodation. So this will allow payment of DHP for those who would have a gap or shortfall between UC housing costs and HB (this will help with transition from temporary or specified to mainstream too). Potential extra demand for DHP.  


    Is it me or are the DWP leaving is a bit late to issue a circular regarding these changes? I wonder if JobCentre staff have an awareness of the changes regarding temporary accommodation. 



    “intended to make a positive difference quicklyā€¯, and be implemented by local authorities with little, if any impact on administration time or costs.

    Above quote from Minister when presenting new changes back in November 2018.


    DWP has published to the advice for decision making: staff guide, which is online, UC1/2017 was amended with updated Temp Accommodation information, and we’re expecting an HB circular.

    I don’t think DWP will be actively managing the Temporary Accommodation change, other than not including housing costs in new awards, and ending the housing element if they have to verify rent costs.

    LA homeless teams will be aware of which tenants have UC, and could be assisting claimants in advising UC of a rent change, as well as managing the new application to HB. Just be careful that the change comes into force on 11th April 2018.

    Using the new DHP provision, we’re also going to look to DHP to help with any gaps caused by the last UC housing element payment being aligned to the Assessment Date.

    Alex G

    OK so doesn't affect existing homeless claims then I am expecting a lot of unnecessary chnage of addresses after 10 April , e.g. was in room 10 now in room 11….


    I went to a LA engagement workshop at five ways house in Birmingham this week and the DWP advised that a change in the amount of rent would be enough to enable a HB claim to be made. The date of the change in liability occours in the assessment period could make a big difference as it might mean a whole months worth of UC HCE is lost.


    We also had our first customer directed to us from the Jobcentre because he was staying in the Bath backpackers hostel yesterday to claim HB as he was staying in "temporary accommodation"…

    jason squire

    Wait… a change in rent amount is enough… Backpackers are temp accom…


    I remember when I started in HB- the amouunt of rules and regs blew my mind but it was, in the most part, logical. UC feels very 'back of a fag packet' and this is in the era of graphic portrayals of the effects of smoking on said packets. Can you imagine a LA designing a CTS scheme or a DHP policy with this many half @*$3% exceptions in it? They'd be dragged over the coals.


    well of course we sent the backpacker packing… the sad thing is I wasn't in the least suprised they had sent him over to us.


    Probably a stupid question, but do the temporary accommodation changes also apply to temp accommodation provided by a Housing Association (so, the sort of claims that hit Cells 104, 105, 106 and 107 on the subsidy claim form). 

    I assumed it did, but the circular just talks about accommodation 'provided by local authorities'. 


    [quote=Stalbansbenefits]I assumed it did, but the circular just talks about accommodation 'provided by local authorities'. [/quote]

    Circular? Haven't read it but it applies to HA temp accomms.


    3) Amendments to the Universal Credit (Transitional Provisions) Regulations 2014

    (12) Temporary Accommodation

    in the si http://www.legislation.gov.uk/uksi/2018/65/made.


    The former Sec of States statement can be found HERE


    The circular is on hbinfo….



    please remember to check whats new forum



    We have temporary accommodation  used for homeless claims but these properties are still in the HRA (non-secure tenancies) until they are rehoused.

    I cannot see anything in the definition/circular/SI  that gives any difference for these properties .  

    So, can we pay Housing Benefit for claims from 11/04/2018, but they are subject to SSSC. We are a full service area.

    Thank you 





    I think so Liz, I can't see that it makes any difference. The important thing in your case is that the rent is payable to the Council.

    Inga Mycroft

    Can I just check I'm reading this correctly – paragraph 5 of the SI seems to say that from 11th April where a customer has an advantageous change in their circumstances in respect of their UC award they must report it to the DWP within 14 days of change rather than 1 month of the date of change?

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