UC (Miscellaneous Amendments, Saving and Transitional Protection) Regulations 2018

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    So.. I'm testing the two week transitional payment, on Northgate but I suspect other software will behave the same, and have an issue. Circular A2 indicates that the 2 week payment will be full HB entitlement regardless of the level of HB before UC starts, and this should run from the UC effective date for 2 weeks. This makes sense as UC essentially passports to ful HB. However UC can start on any day of the week and if you input UC from the day it starts the HB won't increase to full entitlement until the following Monday. We'll still need to terminate HB from 2 weeks after the UC starts so the HB entitlement will be one and a bit weeks at full HB and a part of a week on the previous HB.

    I'll report it to Northgate but just wanted to see if anyone else considered this and had any thoughts on a solution?



    If you put UC code in, at present Northgate ignores it as income for HB purposes.




    Hi Lis. When you put the UC code in, the HB calc ignores all of the income, essentially passporting the HB……. but only from the following Monday. A2 says we need to passport the HB from the day the UC starts, not the following Monday.


    Hi Graeme,

    Northgate may need to amend


    Hi Graeme, I've asked our Control section if they can apply the hold change on start (relevant benefit indicator) against UC for us just so we can input these cases.  Only in this scenario should it be applied then by staff.  I'm not sure if it's hardcoded or if it is something we can do inhouse.  I'm waiting for their response. 

    The problem we have inputting the cases like this is it affects our CTR scheme for the 2 week period too.  We're also looking at applying the 2 week run on as a manual adjustment for the interim until Northgate come up with the solution.



    Hi Shelley. The "hold change on start" is an interesting idea, I'll see if I can test this. But as you say that will mess up the CTR award.

    I've asked Northgate for advice but I suspect the only solution for now will be manual adjustments which is going to slow down the whole process. I suppose we'll need to set up a new MA reason code too, so we can report on the amount awarded and adjust the subsidy claim.


    Hi Graeme, yes def new MA code! I'm trying to thInk of all the different ways we can do this then going to put it to our processing teams leaders for any further ideas or to see if happy with any particular suggestion!  I have messaged Northgate to see if it can be done by way of a run on (like EPPs) and also suggested that they create an income code that will only affect HB and not CTR.  We'll have to wait and see what their solution is! Hopefully it'll be sooner rather than later!

    Alex G


    just wondering what your views were as April involves local authority housing rent free periods?

    If we get a HB Stop Notice during the rent free period do we calculate the HB as nil for the whole period or nil for the days that the 2 weeks cover?

    tim head

    Alex – the way I'm looking at these is as if they were on a passported benefit for those two weeks. So if it falls on rent free weeks you wouldn't be making a payment for a JSA(IB)/ESA(IR)/IS/PCGC claimant for those weeks, so the no 2 week Transition to UC Payment would be made either.

    Our software provider is Civica and we're having identical problems to those described above on Northgate, Civica have advised us to use manuals adjustments and said a solution might be available in October…

    Is it the same with Capita/Academy?  Is anyone finding another work around?


    Alex G

    Hi Tim

    it makes sense when you put it like that, thanks.  We may have a few claimants who will fall into the gap for 11th – 15th April, but hopefully not too many,



    We work on Capita/Advantage and so far in test it seems to work fine. 

    After cancelling HB from the UC start date + 2 weeks, we then add Universal Credit Standard Allowance to the Household and Income screen and assess the 2 weeks as an adjustment.

    This passports the 2 week Transition to UC Payment for HB only and the Council Tax Reduction continues to assess on any existing incomes already in the claim.

    The only issues I foresee with this are when the First Payment file is received after 5 weeks.  Assessors dealing with them need to ensure if wages exceed UC entitlement (thereby removing the UC) that they apply the change date to CTR only and do not terminate or create an HBOP for the 2 week transition period – likewise if they receive a Termination file, that they do not go back and cancel the T2UC payment.



    Northgate have said they are requesting confirmation from DWP, regarding the amount of HB in the transition period.


    All we can see with this manual run on is a shed load of manual work to pay it. Anyone seen any notice of new burdens funding for this? If any Civica sites can share their workarounds for the run on it would be useful please?


    I have received this response from the DWP; not sure its totally supported by the new regs;

    Hi Damien

    Thanks for the email

    UC provides support for housing costs for any new address.


    The transition to UC Housing payment awards an additional two weeks HB based on the circumstances that the HB Team already held for the claim which was in payment prior to UC being claimed, with the exception of applying UC as an income for that two week period.


    There is no need for any LA to capture data regarding the claimants new circumstances which are supported via UC except when a change of address has occurred and it is necessary to pay the two week Transition to UC Housing payment to the claimant because their former Landlord previously receive HB payment.


    The Transition to UC Housing Payment is not the means of providing housing support for the new address, that is provided by UC. It is a payment to assist the claimant through the migration to UC process.

    Thank you

    Housing Benefit Enquiries





    From: Damien Peak [mailto:Damien_Peak@BATHNES.GOV.UK]
    Sent: 22 March 2018 15:25
    To: DWP Housing Benefit Enquiries
    Subject: A2/2018


    Hello, many thanks for the circular, but we are scratching our heads and muttering about the advice saying the old LA will pay the HB when the claimant moves out of the LA area and into a full service area and claims UC.


    Will the eligible rent for the 2 week THP be calculated on the rent at the old address or the rent at the new address?


    We suspect you must mean the rent at the new address will be used as the rent liability at the old address will in most cases have ended when the claimant moves.


    I guess you may have had other Councils asking the same questions. Will you be issuing clarification for us?



    Kind regards



    tim head

    I guess the DWP's position is that the HB side is straight forward, award 2 further weeks HB based on UC, HB will be passported (as with existing specified support accommodation cases with UC as income). 

    The problem for local authorities is the knock on effect on CTR of adding this UC income at a point when UC entitlement has not yet been assessed.  CTR is not the DWP's concern, so no new burdens funding.

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