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    Can someone help please – I am going round in circles!

    In 9/10 we paid out £179.97 for the period 08.02.10 to 29.03.10.

    On 16.04.10 we created an overpayment of £205.68 for the period 01.02.10 to 29.03.10 which has gone into cell 116.

    On 20.05.10 the cheque of £179.97 was written back against the overpayment.

    Please could someone help me with the following.

    1) Should cell 116 have net the £179.97 to leave a balance of £25.71? or remain as £205.68?
    2) What (if anything) should be reported in cell 179?

    Please help – I really am losing the will to live here! 🙁 :~

    Kevin D

    Unless there is some specific subsidy provision to the contrary, uncashed cheques are not overpayments – CH/2529/2005.


    If the prev year o/p cell is netted down then you will have claimed 100% on the payment which subsequently became an overpayment therefore that can’t be right.

    If the returned cheque simply gets recorded in ‘prev years uncashed cheque’ cell then you are still claiming subsidy on an uncashed cheque, as an overpayment.

    My opinion therefore is that the o/p cell should be netted down AND the cheque payment recorded in ‘previous years uncashed cheque at 100% – as in 09/10 you did claim 100% on the cheque expenditure.


    Thanks Simo you’ve backed up what I thought!

    No surprise that my system (Academy) is doing neither of those things. It is trying to put 40% of the uncashed cheque into cell 179 and NOT net down against the overpayment.

    1 issue I could cope with but with the 2 I really did think I was going mad and it was me that was wrong.

    J) S)

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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