Undeclared partners and LT procedures

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    I have some difficulty with fraud officers (ex DWP) who lapse into a LT interview whenever they do an IUC in an undeclared partner investigation. In particular they plough on with the LT interview even when the clt has not admitted that the partner is there all the time. It appears that this is the advice in the FPI manual. I therefore posed the following question to “somebody” at DWP (impossible to find a contact point for fraud enquirires):

    [i:54b86e9590]I have questions regarding the procedures to be adopted by investigating staff when interviewing under caution claimants suspected of LT (as recommended in the FPI Manual). The guidance suggests that the IUC should cover the nature of the relationship in order for the DM to reach a decision. This IUC will, generally speaking, conclude a period of surveillance. In this situation there are two most likely outcomes. Either the clt will admit the existence of a partner or they will deny it. I would suggest that a LT interview is neither appropriate nor necessary in either case. The third possibility is that the clt will admit the existence of another party but will deny the relationship. I believe that this is the only situation where an LT interview would be appropriate[/i:54b86e9590]

    The answer is that she cannot comment on technical guidance which is mandatory on JC+ staff. La’s can basically do what they like! (Nothing new there then) What do other people think?

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