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    attack of Brain crumble here.

    A person who claimed LHA before 1/4/2011 will move onto the shared room rate when any protection due under the April changes ends
    But as this is a change in the category of dwelling will the change reset the anniversary date?

    30 y.o. claims December 10

    Anniversary date would be December 11

    9 month protection December 11 to September 12
    In September 12, use the September 12 shared room LHA rate and reset the anniversary date to September 12


    It would be like any other transitional protection claim and we would use the December 11 shared room LHA rate from September 12 to December 12 and at December 12 use the December 12 LHA shared room rate?


    I don’t think that the actual anniversary date changes. It is a change in legislation that amends the maximum LHA rate applicable at the end of the protection. It is not a change in the amount of rooms required, so the anniversary will stay in December in this case. I think 🙂


    I agree with Rick. I e-mailed the DWP to clarify this before the circular came out and they said the anniversary date will stay as the original.


    Although one part of your example isn’t quite right. The anniversary is definately not re-set however you would use September 2012 LHA shared room rate, and then change again 3 months later in December 2012.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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