Under Occupancy and children on DLA

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    Good afternoon,

    Hopefully this is just a quick query, but we have had a couple of enquiries about the bedroom cap, and how we will be treating children who are IRO DLA care / mobility.


    My initial response has been to say that we will need further info regarding the level of disability (one example is 2 boys under 16, one with ADHD (care element) and the other with Aspergers (mobility element) to establish why they cannot share.


    We will probably do this for all such queries, but I was wondering whether anyone had set up anything more "concrete" yet, and if so, would you be willing to give me some hints and tips?


    Many thanks


    There is a slight problem with this. The DWP gaily advise to consider these cases in future but a) they are appealing the decison to the Supreme Court, so anything you do might need to be reversed and b) they haven’t amended the legislation anyway. It’s not a matter of interpretation, as it was in the case of foster parents. The legislation allowing this doesn’t exist! My view (might be wrong) is that you are looking at DHPs at best.


    Children unable to share

    for a different view. The answer I suspect is that the LA will have to pay these…my suggestion is to try to do so out of HB rather than DHP’s for the obvious reason that you will need that budget.


    Many thanks for your replies gentlemen.

    Very much appreciated 🙂

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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