Under Occupancy Joint Tenants

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    How are you processing Joint HA tenants so they do not get an unecessary deduction next April?

    Does the joint tenant tick box in rent costs override anything, or do we have to amend either the room requirement or rooms occupied fields?


    Hi Derrick

    The J/T tick box, as far as we can see, is just for information purposes and doesn’t do anything. Which is right really, because the system won’t know the circumstances of the other J/T, particularly if they’re not claiming HB (ie: do they have a non-dep or children ?)
    So, we’re overriding the ‘Bedroom Requirement’ and manually adding in the extra bedroom(s) needed for the other J/T (not forgetting that if J/Ts have children, they’re expected to share, if correct age/sex !)
    Just to highlight this as well on the Rent Costs frame, we’ve added in another reason (“Joint Tenant”) in the parameters for the ‘Amended room Reason’

    Therefore, if you’ve got 2 single J/T in a 3 bedroom property, it will show as :
    Bedrooms in Property = 3
    Bedroom Requirement = 2 (was 1 but has been manually changed to 2)
    Bedroom Calculated = 1 (actual requirement for this claim)
    Amended Room Reason = Joint Tenant
    RSL Reduction = 14%

    Hope that helps


    That’s great



    Hi Julie, when you say that you have added in another reason into the LHA parameters for Amended Room Reason… How have you done this as frame hb2850 appears to contain only hard coded entries? :8) or am I looking (as usual) in the wrong place? Are you indeed an Academy customer? :quest:


    Hi Paul

    Yes we’re an Academy site. We amended the parameters in the tables – hblharoomreason.
    Capita have advised that it’s OK to do this, but strongly recommend testing. We’ve done quite a bit of testing on this and all seems to be OK.


Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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