Under Occupation and supported ‘exempt’ accommodation being an exception

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    Can anyone point me in the direction of where this actually is in the regulations?

    Circular A4/2012 clearly states that the bedroom tax does not apply in the case of  supported 'exempt' accommodation however where the landlord is a housing association providing support I cannot see this in the regs or am I missing something?

    In the case of a charity etc then eligible rent would not be calculated under the new regulations but in the case of a Housing association I can't see any exceptions in ther new regualtion A13.

    We have a few housing associations who provide support but we don't refer the rent as we don't consider it to be unreasonably high.  Maximum rent would therefore have to be calculated under the new regulations and the bedroom tax would apply

    Any help is appreciated     



    Already a thread on this – I have two appeals on this very issue

    bedroom tax and supported accommodation exemption


    at meeting on 12th April with DWP about their BCIA spreadsheet they want us to fill in………i raised the question AGAIN with the speaker (Dave Jackson i think his name was) that we need clarification of what exactly is their definition of housing costs that won’t be met via UC. Aha he said – other people have asked the same question. Give us the answer then!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    To start with it was ‘supported accommodation’
    then something else came out with ‘supported exempt accommodation’

    so it’s either FOUR claims or about 800 for us. It’s bordering on unbelievable that they still can’t give a definitive answer. |(

    Trevor Kenward

    The DWP being slopey shouldered…surely not!


    Thanks for your replies.

    It is the same with us our official exempt caseload is very small but we have a lot of HA’s providing support which would be classed as exempt if we referred them. We do not refer them however as we do not consider their rents to be unreasonable-but they are now subject to the ‘ bedroom tax’ if the claimant exceeds the size criteria! I still can’t see that these particular cases fall outside the bedroom tax regs!


    They’re exempt from the provision of the 1996 benefit changes. If they are in the private sector these are about the only claims left which (in Northgate terminology) are DRT, other than B&L claims. HA claims are included in the definition of supported accommodation so you can’t create a sub category of “exempt” just because you haven’t referred them to the RO. They’re all exempt from the bedroom tax and they all have to be reported on SHBE. The real distinction is between LA owned accommodation, which isn’t exempt from the bedroom tax because it doesn’t fall in the definition of supported accommodation, and the rest.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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