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    Please see attached example of underlying ent claim
    2. The WP for U/E (General Principals) – states that when applying U/E we should look at the whole period of the overpayment not week by week.
    Again there has been differences of opinion as to what is meant by the ‘whole period of the O/P’.


    O/P January – March
    No O/P April to June
    O/P July to September

    The customer has a change in circumstances that results in a credit being granted, when looking at whether there is any credit that we can allow
    to offset against the O/P should we look at each individual O/P period separtely i.e. Jan – March and July – September (not week by week) or January to September?

    A decision has now been reached regarding the period of the O/P. If we have a period where there is a short or several short periods of O/P then count this as one whole period for which we can consider U/E. But if we have an O/P as the example above where there is a larger gap, treat the O/P’s as 2 separate periods and award U/E accordingly.
    Please can i have your thought regarding overpayment period, how would you deal with 😕

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