Unemployability suppliment within war disablement pension

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    We have a claim where the clmnt has ceased to receive Incap because this overlaps with his unemployability suppliment. Should this U/S be input onto his claim seperately or would it normally be included within the WDP.

    It would also appear that he should be entitled to the disability premium, as he is incapable of work (but not receiving Incap). Has anyone come accross this situation before and how did you deal with it?

    Julian Hobson

    I had this as a reply to a similar question:


    I do have some old literature on War Pensions which may interest you so if you let me have your fax number I’ll send them over.

    It is usually clear from award notices, from the Veteran’s Agency, what a payment consists of and if there are any additional allowances. Most additional allowances are paid on top of the War Dis P or War Widow’s P so would be included in the amount to be fully disregarded under the local discretionary scheme.

    The mandatory disregard is £10 per week under para 14 of Sch 4 to the HB Regs. and the discretionary scheme would apply to paras 14(a) to (d).

    I can’t answer all the questions you have asked and can only refer you to the Veterans Agency for the information. Unemployability Suppl is paid in addtion to the WDP/WWP so would be added to the basic pension and be disregarded in full under the local scheme.

    Elsian Linsell
    0207 962 8687

    Looks like it might answer your Q. I suggest you put your specific question to Elsian at the adelphi


    Thats great, thanks everso.

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