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    Neil asked the other day where to find the uprating figures for pension credit. Then said he’d figured it out. I just can’t figure out where to find the new figures.
    Can anyone help?


    The only way we have been able to get the uprated figures is to contact the pension service for each claim. Our local office has asked us to ring with only a few at a time as they deal with 22 local authorities. They have also asked us to fax them but this produces mixed results.


    I think the uprating order is still in draft. Here is a link to it on HMSO:


    Article 26 of the draft order has the proposed Pension Credit figures: GC and SC rates and thresholds etc.

    As far as the HB and CTB upratings for pensioners are concerned, you will find those in Schedules 8 & 9 (HB) and 12 & 13 (CTB) to the draft Order.

    In addition, there is a new deeming rule for uprated AIFs. If the AIF contains an uprated state benefit that kicks in up to 14 days after the beginning of April, you can pull it back to the uprating date for HB and CTB purposes. The Regs that put this into effect came out last week; here is the link:


    Hope this is what you are after. As Mark commented last week in relation to another April amendment, it looks as if we are going to have to get used to all pensioner amendments being implemented through the conduit of 2003/325: amendments to the amendments, in other words. This makes it maddeningly cumbersome to read the amended Regs: it’s a two-step process every time. When is DWP going to bite the bullet and treat the HB Regs for pensioners as a free-standing volume in its own right, which can then be amended directly as and when necessary?


    That was exactly what I wanted. And you’ve answered another question I had regarding uprating effective dates. Very efficient.

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