Urgent help required re DHP’s

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    I have also put this message on the DHP board but thought I’d try here as well.

    I have just been asked by my Service Manager to put together something by Wednesday regarding DHP’s and wondered if anyone had anything that could help me as I’m trying to do several things and once here and am running out of time!!

    Welfare Rights are keen to encourage the take up of DHP’s in our area as are we. While being aware that we have not publicised them as much as we should but we are not overly happy with the guidance note they propose to give to their staff to encourage take up. I have been asked to put together an alternative document.

    The manager who has written the guidance has, quite rightly, stated that we spent no where near the amount funded by the government last year. However, he is also telling his staff of the additional amount that we as an Authority can spend but does not mention where this amount will come from. Obviously my manager is keen to put our point across as if we go above the government limit we will have to find the money from somewhere.

    I wondered if anyone had a policy document that I could look at which puts forward a case for not going above the initial amount funded and also any sort of definitions that you use for “exceptional” and “hardship”. I can then put forward an alternative document which still encourages the take up of DHP’s but tries to stay within reasonable limits and not raise peoples expectations.

    In addition to our ‘alternative’ document I also want to put together a leaflet to publicise DHP’s to our customers.

    If anyone has anything that they think would help me I would greatly appreciate it.

    My email address is Julie.Cebulski@nottinghamcity.gov.uk

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