Using Housing Benefit information for other purposes

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    I am currently resisting a request from Legal for a forwarding adress held on Housing Benefit records so that they can pursue for o/s rent.
    It has always been my view from what I have read, including Insight in June/July that it is safer not to share info given purely for HB Claim purposes.

    Am I being pedantic????:)


    At a CIPFA ocnference in Leeds, an independent solicitor reminded delegates that using Housing Benefit information for other non-related HB purposes was subject to the Social Security Administration (Fraud) Act which carries a maximum penalty of seven years imprisonment.

    With this in mind, I doubt you are being too pedantic!

    Julian Hobson

    Peter do you have the appropriate section of the act. I’m not sure they are right given the guidance I have seen from the Info Commissioner in the past. Perhaps we need to raise this again ?


    What about sections 94 & 95 of the Local govt. Act 2000? This gives HB depts. permission to share HB info on tenants in order that the Supporting People Grant can pay the correct subsidy payments to landlords post April 2003. It is for that reason that local authorities have just completed Data Claimant Extracts for SP teams.


    Could you clarify the issue about using HB records for the purposes of benefits take up, partcularly MIG but also other benefits. In partcular the role of LA welfare rights services and using HB records.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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