Verification of documents by RSL

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    Hello- can anybody out there tell me which circular confirms that we can use RSLs to verify documents?

    Hoping for your help!!

    Thank you.

    Darren Broughton



    Hi there
    You will find the info on A3/02 and A8/03

    It is not as simple as just letting RSL’s verify documents as they actually have to sign up to a scheme with contracts and so on.
    You will find all of the info you need on the DWP resource centre site, I think it is under Guidance manuals and is call RSL VF Scheme – operation and Good practice manual.

    Hope this helps.

    Debbie P


    VF doesn’t actually exist any more. The new version of the security manual is rather quiet on the issue of third party verification but does mention the subject a couple of times.

    [quote:5d6d7dd3ea] Verification done by other than LA staff
    5.10 Where verification activity has been contracted out to a ‘third party’, eg Arms Length Management Organisations (ALMOs), Registered Social Landlords (RSLs) or any such organisation, either under contractual or partnership agreements, the legal duty to administer HB remains with the LA.[/quote:5d6d7dd3ea]

    [quote:5d6d7dd3ea]Collecting and recording evidence
    5.20 Documents can only be accepted and certified as originals by
    • LA staff
    • contractor staff, if the LA has contracted out HB/CTB administration
    • DWP
    • third parties, eg
    − RSLs
    − ALMOs
    − others with whom the LA may have contracted.[/quote:5d6d7dd3ea]

    It certainly seems that they are suggesting a contract needs to be in place and I think that would only be sensible.

    The document Debbie mentions is here and contains all the forms and model agreements you could possibly want.

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