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    We have recently invested in some digital cameras and would like our visiting staff to use these to take images of original documents so that the claimant do not have to part with them nor do we have the problem of the officers having to make time comsuming statements (with the risk of not including all the details we require)

    However, there is the problem of the requirements to mark it as a copy of the original which has been seen.

    Does anyone do this or have anything in place to ensure they are VF complient?


    We had a dabble with this a few years ago (98-99) with loaned cameras, and the way we worked round it was for our officers to have a card stating ‘I certify that this is an original document etc’, with their signature, and that was positioned on the document to form the image. All the images then had the date shown on them via the camera itself.

    We never actually bought or used the cameras – probably just bad photographers, although cameras are much better now……..! Think it was due to problem downloading to our DIP system which we’d had since ’93.


    How about using scanners and tablet computers? Most documents will be able to be scanned by using a portable scanner and the image will ususally be better.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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