VF and the recording of original documents

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    We are looking to start using flat bed scanners at our reception points to record adhoc documents received over the counter.

    My question is how do others show that the image taken is that of an original document? Do you scan some sort of card with each image which states its an original or do you rely on user passwords as an audit trail and a working practice policy which states that only originals will be accepted….or do something else?

    Any suggestions would be helpful.


    to get around this problem we

    copy and return the original

    stamp and sign the copy with a declaration that it is a true copy.

    scan the copy

    this means that the customer gets their original straight back and we have a stamped copy of the original which is kept for as long as the auditors require. this also gives our audit trail.


    We do exactly what Jon said as well


    We also use this procedure and make sure that all officers repsonsible for copying documents have had VF/forged documents training.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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