Voluntary / Charitable payments and SX3

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    Apologies if this has been raised before, but am I right in thinking:

    1) From the 06/10/03 Voluntary / Charitable payments are completely disregarded for pensioners; and

    2) ‘I-World’ is still only allowing the £20.00 p.w. disregard?

    I cannot see anything in the SX3 release notes about voluntary payments…


    I’m new to all this!
    Did you get a useful response to this?
    I work for a national charity which helps elderly people and I am trying to establish that our charitable payments should definitely be disregarded when eligibility for pension credit, housing benefit and council tax benefit is being assessed.
    I believe they should be disregarded, and would be interested to hear what you have come up with on this.


    Charitable and voluntary payments are definitely disregarded in HB, CTB and PC – but only if the claimant or any partner is aged 60 or over. This is because they are no longer defined as income. As far as the original question goes – since they are not income I suggest that you just don’t type them in on your computer!


    We had hoped SX3 would be clever enough to re-assess all existing claims from pensioners with voluntary payments to completely disregard them. Unfortunately, it didn’t…!

    We had to manually identify all these claims and remove the income accordingly. I just wonder whether all authorities on SX3 have done this?


    We haven’t yet!

    Have SX3 given you any indication whether they will be releasing a script to identify and/or correct these cases?

    Anything to save work!!



Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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