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    HBINFO mention in this weeks breifing an update to the Valuation Tribunal regs.

    I have located the orignal SI 2009/2269 for the procedure of CTB appeals with the VTE, but cannot find any consolidated updated regs for amendments made after 2009.  Can anyone point me in the direction of an updated version on the original procedure regulations?

    My CT colleagues seem to be working from a bunch of SI's dating back years when trying to work out current rules on things like billing etc. 

    There must be some way of seeing the updated version- containing all amendemnts – of a set of regulations like we do with HB and CTB e.g. Blue Volumes for the HB and CTB regs or CPAG books with updated HB/CTB and other social security regs.


    Not that I am aware of. Some of the recent changes link to LGFA Acts going back over 20 years.

    Remember this is DCLG not DWP…and that we are dealing with Council Tax regs not benefits. These regs also include very different rules for NNDR etc.

    Hbinfo produces a seperate regs pack for the VT training…its not that long in fact. You can find all the regs in the “whats new” area but nothing is consolidated at the moment.


    Thanks Peter.

    Does seem strange not to have the updated regs in full somewhere, no wonder I had blank looks from the CT guys when I asked ‘where do you keep your updated regulations? and how do you know you are using the most recent regulations?’ Most used point of reference is an small grey IRRV manual, nothing like the size and content we are used to in Benefits.

    Julian Hobson
Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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