Waitress charge in Extracare scheme

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    I have been made aware of an extra care scheme operated by an RSL who are introducing a waitress service for lunchtime meal provision.

    They are stating other LAs pay for this

    Thoughts anyone on whether this really does meet HB eligibility criteria.

    I know I have my own decision to make but if anyone has spent time looking at this previously I would be grateful to know the rationale behind the decision.


    I suspect what other authorities have done is to regard the waitress service as part of the charge for meals, so the meal charge has increased but the standard HB deduction is unaffected.

    Andy Simpson

    Hmmh, can’t say I would be happy to pay that. Not sure how to not pay it though. Maybe a bit of a long shot but why are they introducing the waitress service now? Is it because the residents are unable to collect their own food? In which case could it be considered to be a charge for ‘support’ and therefore not eligible?

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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