War widows disregard

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    I have been asked by Members to compile a report of the rights and
    wrongs of reducing our WWP full disregard.

    Am I right in thinking that most L/A’s now carry a full disregard?

    Also, I would be interested to know if anyone else has trod to highly
    sensitive path of such a reduction. I would imagine the fall-out could
    be rather explosive?


    My Authority only allows the government statutory disregard. The local scheme was “done away with” in approx 1997 and went through very quietly. This is probably because all existing claimants were /are protected, therefore only new claimants are subjected to the new rules.


    Following local government reorganisation in 1996, my authority decided to reduce the War Pension full disregard with no protection for existing claimants.

    This was reintroduced in April 2002 due to public pressure.

    I believe you are right in thinking that most LA’s now offer a full disregard.


    I seem to remember a newpaper article (in the Daily Mail I believe) from several months ago. This was about complaints about some councils not fully disregarding War Pensions.

    I remember the article saying that most councils in the UK do fully disregard.

    Hope this helps


    This is one of my pet subjects.

    I think it deplorable that the LA gets saddled with the cost of this – and I am not appeased by the subsidy award from next year. It simply does not go far enough – anyhow

    Back in early mid 90’s there was a bit of an uprising over local schemes and one of the pressure groups lobbied all la’s who were not already givng a 100% disregard to do so. My LA at that time buckled and upped the disregard. It is a highly emotive issue and no one wants to be seen as refusing to help those who fought for their country / just bear in mind that your local scheme may need to be very clearly worded or you may be disregarding other nationals war pensions as well as your own!!! If this is your intention fine but this again could be extremely emotive. Pensioners pressure groups are becoming more voiceiferous and image here is quite important.

    Not all LA’s gave way to the pressure and I think the idea of removing it
    but giving protection to existing may well have some ground. 🙂

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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