War Widows Pension pre-1973 – disregard

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    Can someone just clarify something for me? 
     The supplementary pension for pre-1973 War Widows pensions are fully disregarded under the statutory scheme, and the amount this year, I know, is £85.12
    For a number of years, we have uprated this disregard wef 01 April. However, given that the War Pension uprating does not take effect until 16 April 2012, should this disregard be applied from the same date? 


    It’s uprated from the same date as the other elements of war pension.


    I don’t see why this would make a difference to the calculation as long as your values of the Pre-1973 WWP are correct. If you change the disregard to £85.12 but the Pre 1973 WWP stays at £80.91 the system should only disregard £80.91.

    Andy Thurman

    As Beth says, the key is the date you change the WWP (rather than the disregard) – all elements of WP’s are uprated from the 16.4 UNLESS they are within an AIF. If you don’t change the disregard figure until 16.4.12, however, you will have errors on PC SC cases.

    Set the disregard on pre 73 income code to 999.99 and be done with it!


    Yes – you’re right. Unfortunately we don’t have the system set up to input the various elements of the War Pension separately. It goes in as one figure, with the parameter set to disregard a set amount from a set date, which is why we’re having problems, and why I end up manually calculating subsidy! I assume, then, what we need is a separate code for the supplementary pre-1973 element.


    Yes. And also ones for the War Pension Mobility Supplement and the Constant Attendance Allowance. they are less common the the Pre 1973 awards but do exist. These are also fully disregarded for subsidy purposes and so the value doesn’t go into the modified scheme calculation. If you don’t seperate these values out you are losing subsidy.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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