What are you doing about verifying claims?

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    We have had a verification procedure in place for many years now, based on the VF. We also use Sungard for new claims and are looking to re-write our Standard of Evidence procedures with a more risk based approach in mind. The idea is to be a tad radical (feels a little worrying to those of us who still clutch to VF like a comfort blanket). Is anyone prepared to share what they do?


    Hello Miranda,

    we have just gone live with Sunguard this week and we in Training & Quality have realised (yesterday in fact!) that we are going have to re-write our procedures and the way we quality check the work.

    I’d be happy to share any ideas (when we’ve thought of them) with you.


    Neil Adamson

    Hope you don’t mind me hijacking this thread but we are in the process or rewriting our procedures (we don’t use Sunguard) and I am conscious this is probably an area others have already explored.

    Is there anybody happy to share their notes or thoughts on the matter? More than happy to reciprocate when we have finalised ours.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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