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    A pensioner in receipt of guarantetd credit has just advised us that she has recently married.Her new husband is not a pensioner and is working.He has a very high income ( lucky lady, a toy boy and a rich one!)
    We know she will no longer be entitled to guarranteed credit, in fact they wont qualify for HBor CTB now.
    But, I assume we have to advise the Pension Service and wait until they tell us that PC has ended? If they havent been advised yuet by the claiamnt does our advice to them count as a late notification? So when would we end her claim?
    We can suspend her claim currently to prevent an overpayment but should we be doing this?
    Any one got any ideas?


    I think that you can suspend this one under the 2001 Deccisions and Appeals Regs – 11(2).(a).

    It is also in the claimant’s interest to do this – particularly if they know they will no longer qualify.


    I agree you can suspend, but subject to the following:

    Be prepared to release the suspended money if, when the ETD comes through, the DWP does not indicate that the claimant originally failed to disclose the new information to them. If the claimant is not at fault, the effective date of the change of circs is ETD-driven and the claimant would be entitled to have all the money back.


    I have a similar case.

    Pension Credit Guarantee paid to Claimant (over 60 under 65 ) and Partner (under 60).

    Partner turns 60 in June 2004 and State Retirement is paid.

    We receive notification in Aug 2004 that they are not entitled to pension credit from June 2004.

    My 1st thoughts were to end PC(G) in June and assess on all income as a Standard Claim. Hence giving a overpayment.

    However when checking with pension credit handbook, there are only decrease and increase examples of pension credit not when it ceases altogether.

    However I have now contacted the pension service to find out when the claimant notified them or should it be predicted age change.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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