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    I have a claim from a 25 year old lady who has been seperated from her husband since May 2006. They have a child together but CTC of £41.86 pw, WTC of £55.72 pw and CHB are all paid into the husband’s bank account He gives his wife £100 per week and she also claim JSA (CB).

    The lady is quite happy with this arrangement of £100 pw but combined tax credits and child benefit amount to £115.03 per week. If they informed TC of their COC, WTC would cease as the husband only works 21 hours per week.

    We have informed TC of the situation but they need the claimant/partner to contact them. They have not informed the tax credits of their COC, what income would we use in the assessment?

    Any help or advice would be appreciated.



    Pay based on the income that the claimant is getting. If and when Tax Credits stops the payment to the husband, he may continue to pay the £100 per week. I am basing that on him being paid the tax credits and paying the £100 to his wife. If the tax credits are paid to the wife, through his bank account, I would still suggest paying based on the income r/cd but I would also have a conversation with your claimant re having payments made to her.

    Also as you know tax credits are potentially being paid fraudulently, do you not have a duty to deal with that?


    Susan has dealt with it, Sean – para 3 of her post.


    Thanks for your replies. We will ask her to contact the TC and inform them of her change of circumstances. Thanks again.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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