What is a change of circs for stats?

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    In relation to change of circs, the MIS guide says:
    [quote:5edfb43e97]Change of circumstance means any notice given in writing … which affects the
    • claimant’s right to HB/CTB, eg if they cease to have a liability to pay rent or council tax
    • amount of HB/CTB the claimant is entitled to, eg if they have a change of earnings
    • claimant’s right to receive payments of HB/CTB, eg a notification of rent arrears which justifies direct payment to the landlord
    • …
    • movement from non-standard HB/CTB to standard HB/CTB is a change of circumstances
    • change of address within the LA area is a change of circumstances
    I know it never pays to re-read these things too often, but I have done so recently, and have confused myself. My current thoughts are that the ‘notes’ are there to help point out that these 2 changes are [b:5edfb43e97]potentially[/b:5edfb43e97] change of circs stats (and definitely not new claim stats), but that if the result of the change is that the amount of HB/CTB remains the same, it still wouldn’t need to be counted.

    I would be grateful for any confirmation I am thinking properly, or good reasons why I’m not.


    I agree.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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