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    I have Googled, searched and phoned a friend but Istill do not know what a license agreemernt is in the following context –

    Reg 76 (4) of the HB Regs 2006

    (c) accommodation which the authority holds on a license agreement where the payments are to an authority under section 206(2) of the Housing Act 1996 or section 35(2)(b) of the Housing (Scotland) Act 1987;

    Can you enlighten me?






    I think that it is where the authority has a duty to ensure that there is accomodation available for people for exemple who are in Bed and Breakfast accomodation, the government realised some time ago that people and particularly families were being put into B&B accomodation at great expense and for a longer time than was considered reasonable and so made a decision that LA’s had a duty to ensure they were not in there for longer than (I am gonna guess 28 days but I am not a Housing specialist so it could be less)

    This would be your Housing Options team or Private sector leasing. An interesting phenomenon of which means that Mr Smith could be living in a flat in a block which rents as a council tenant as it is still owned by the authority – while his neighbour Mr Brown is living in exactly the same type of accomodation – but it was purchased back in the day, and has subsequently been leased back to the Local Authority who have an agreement to pay the rent in full that is charged. In our area the rent for this type of accomodation is 2.5 – 3 times as much as the rent paid by the first person in our scenario Mr Smith.

    The people are usually vulnerable or have young families and should they be lucky enough to get a job they do not have a hope in hell of paying the actual rent charged. This is where Housing Optians make up the difference in the HB payable and the actual rent charged as they have guaranteed that the owner will receive x amount per week in rent.

    This I think is the licence agreement. 🙂

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