When 2nd property is abroad

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    Has anyone had to value a 2nd property – which is abroad, in order to calculate capital for HB/CTB purposes?

    I currently have a situation with a claimant whose 2nd property is in Spain. It is their former home, not on the market, not rented out.

    They have advised of the valuation – but no proof. From looking on the web, the valuation is about right. It still means they have in excess of £16k (after selling costs) – is there anything else I should do with regards to getting it valued?

    Carol Meredith

    If you are all satisfied that it is worth in excess of £16,000 I woudl say that is OK. However if they were then going to dispute that the value was over £16K then you may have to try another method.


    Turn the situation around. The evidence you have (the info from the web) shows that their capital is in excess of £16000. If they dispute this it’s up to [i:7dacb3a411]them [/i:7dacb3a411]to provide the evidence to allow you to reconsider the decision.

    And then look at whet they give you very closely.

    Mind you, I do recall reading recently that the property market in Spain had collapsed!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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