When can a claim be terminated

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    cheryl b

    Hi,I have a question which might sound a bit strange. I have a customer who advised that he was due to leave the country for 3 weeks and his only income would be tax credits and child benefit. He stated he wished to claim for the period he was not in receipt of JSA. He was asked for proof of his income 3 weeks before he left the country but subsequently left without supplying it. His claim has now been suspended following an ETD confirming the end of his entitlement to jsa and a suspend letter sent asking him for proof of his income.

    I have been asked whether we could make an adverse inference that he no longer wishes to claim for the period he was abroad as he did not supply the relevan information before he left and terminate his benefit from the date he left the country.

    My thoughts are that we cannot terminate without suspending a claim first unless the customer specifically confirms he no longer wishes to claim.

    Any thoughts? 😕

    Darren W

    Have a read of A2 / 2006. This gives clear guidance on suspending and terminating of claims.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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