When a customer changes jobs.

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    Good morning,
    if a customer is working and their job ends on Thursday 27 October but they have a new job that starts on Monday 31 October – how would you deal with the HB / CTB claim?

    Would you remove the previous earnings from Monday 24 October and leave the HB / CTB claim on any other income (i.e. Tax Credits) until the following Monday and then add the new earnings,
    Would you remove the previous earnings and add the new earnings from Monday 24 October?

    All help and advice will be really appreciated,

    Andy Thurman

    Dealing with the facts as presented:
    Change 1 = end of employment on 27.10, effective for HB 31.10.
    Change 2 = new job 31.10, effective for HB 7.11.

    The ‘counter’ argument is to treat this as one change – a change in employment from 31.10 – input new wage details wef 7.11. While this seems the ‘most appropriate’ (and may well be the ‘policy intention’), I reckon the 1st approach is the more legislatively correct and is possibly missed on most changes of employment.


    Is this the same question you (or a colleague using your account) posted on Friday? Just a few threads down :p

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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