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    I have just started to write our user system notes and find myself a little unsure of the dates we need to include the Savings Credit element from.
    It is not the change of circs regs I am confused with but the first award dates. I know for an existing HB claim and SC determined prior to 06 Oct we will use 06 Oct.
    But for an existing HB claim who claims SC and this is ‘backdated’ to 06 Oct but this determiniation and notification is not made until November, will will use it from 06 Oct or under the chages regualtions? I had been assuming I would include it from the Monday following receipt of info from PS but 68 only deals with changes to PC not new awards. There does not seem to be an guidance for disregarding arrears like with Tax Credits. Am I missing something or just thinking too hard?


    Reg 68B(5) should help – award of Pension Credit which reduces HB, change takes effect from first day of benefit week next following which LA receives notification.


    Thank you – knew I must have missed something – just read down far enough!!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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