When will outstanding queries be answered?

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    I was just wondering how everyone is preparing training material when there are still so many outstanding queries relating to LHA?

    We are starting training late Feb / early March because we have so many people to train and so we need training packs to be ready soon. I am struggling because there are still so many issues which are not resolved, particularly the issue over dates for change of circs which is pretty crucial.


    …and the further you get into preparing the training packs the more discrepancies you are coming across?

    We have made the decision to start from scratch and ditch the DWP supplied gumph. We have set about interpreting the legislation ourselves to the best of our abilities (with the ever helpful advice and guidance from this site) and await any regs amendments or caselaw which may be forthcoming in the future. As you say, February is looming large now and this process is not running as smoothly as we had hoped. 😥


    Thanks for your reply.

    We have also started from scratch. Definately agree with the comment about the more we get into it, the more discrepencies that come to light.

    It is just so frustrating 😡 when we have planned and prepared well for training (as the DWP advised) but we are in a position where we will have to train people when we don’t have the main information clarified. As I said it is the dates part that is particularly worrying me – has anybody heard anything from the DWP about when they think they may have an answer from their solicitors on this one?


    I have several “date-related” queries outstanding with DWP, but have not been up-dated for a while yet. The best that a trainer can do currently (in my opinion, at least) is to explain the legislation as it is, and to await the legislation to be amended (I honestly think that amendment, rather than a DWP interpretation is needed).


    I will be attending a meeting next week where several changes to the current legislation will be discussed.
    Hopefully the outcome should mean a lot more clarity for us all.


    I do smpathise but is there not a need for a little realism here too? Many major changes introduced in the pat have not been as discussed and analysed in as much detail as LHA. Many of the issues are known even if there are no confirmed answers (and there may not be until the Commisioners get their teeth into things).

    The inroduction of the £15 cap changes the game so much …


    I do agree to an extent with peter’s comments. It is really pleasing to see such an effort being put in by LA staff to make sure the changes are brought in properly. Maybe it is a result of this attention to detail that so many inconsistencies and errors are being picked up prior to go-live. Perhaps this is inevitable when making such wide ranging changes to what isn’t the simplest regulatory scheme to start with; unfortunately I am [i:30cd3ece19]far [/i:30cd3ece19]too young to remember the impact of any earlier major changes!

    What I find harder to excuse is the standard of the DWP guidance and training material for LHA. It appears in parts to have been copy and pasted from the pathfinder guidance and contains some truly glaring errors (effective dates, anybody?) It is almost as if the legislators and guidance drafters sat in different rooms and never told the other what they were doing. I know the guidance is ‘not a definitive statement of the law’ but there are plenty of people who treat it as such.

    What has become obvious is how many other organisations have been repeating this guidance verbatim in their own training materials (present company honorably excepted). For authorities that haven’t been able to devote time and resources to interpret the legislative effects themselves this erroneous guidance and training will become the new ‘law’. And that concerns me.

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