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    keith j

    Registered charity providing support, so not LHA. Not RSL either. they are new tenancies in a new scheme. We can’t restrict because the tenants are vulnerable.

    Any ideas how to code it up for subsidy purposes?

    chris harvey

    It will need referring to the Rent Officer and go in cell 96 if you cannot restrict. On Northgate it would be tenure type DRT with the reg 11 box ticked.


    Can you clarify, only that part exceeding the rent officer determination goes in cell 96 and the rest in cell 98? Thanks.


    Yes it would.


    They are only vulnerable if the claimant is

    (a) is aged 60 or over; or
    (b) is incapable of work for the purposes of one or more of the provisions of the Social Security Act, or Part 1 of the Social Security and Housing Benefits Act 1982 or Part II of the Act; or
    (bb) is treated as capable of work in accordance with regulations made under section 171E of the Contributions and Benefits Act; or

    (ie on Income Support but not Job Seekers Allowance)

    (c) is a member of the same household as a child or young person for whom he or his partner is responsible

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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