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    Martin Giles

    Customer rents room in shared house so receives benefit on LHA shared room rate. However his sister now moved in with him (both share same bedroom!) I believe she has no rental liability to anyone so would be a non dep in his household? He is 46 and his sister is 19 !!

    How would this affect his LHA rate ?


    This should increase the rate as he is now entitled to 2 rooms because he has a non-dependant.


    I disagree: the shared rate must continue to be appropriate because the condition imposed by 13D (2) (ii) is not fulfilled i.e. he can still only have the shared rate because he only has exclusive use of the one room.


    I think the shared rate only applies to claimants who would otherwise be in line for the one-bed rate – singles and couples without children. It operates as a less generous alternative to the one-bed rate for youngsters and occupiers of shared accommodation.

    But as soon as a second occupier who is not your partner joins the claim, you go straight into a room count under the normal size criteria in Reg 13D(2)(c).

    In summary, Reg 13D(2) goes:

    (a) – shared rate for
    – (i) YIs, and
    – (ii) other singles and childless couples who miss out on the 1-bed rate under (b)

    (b) 1 bed rate for singles and childless couples who have two rooms or a s/c studio

    (c) everybody else: tot up rooms for number of occupiers


    Agree with Peter. This is (possibly) the most important rule to remember with LHA claims. Once a household has somebody in it [b:5adc2f1c7a]other than [/b:5adc2f1c7a]the claimant and their partner (if they have one), the actual nature of the accommodation [b:5adc2f1c7a]ceases to be an issue [/b:5adc2f1c7a]- it’s always the appropriate (self-contained) room rate. My LA has been operating LHA for six and a half years and some of our assessors [b:5adc2f1c7a]still[/b:5adc2f1c7a] get hung up on this!

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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