Which LHA rate to apply?

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    Scenario: We have 2 friends who are renting a 4 bedroom house, they have seperate tenancy agreements. One has one child (boy) the otjher has 3 children with one of her boys sharing a room with the other friends boy. There is only one kitchen which they share. There is a living room and a conservatory which they are saying they will use one each separately. If each claim HB what level of LHA are they entitled to? Thanks in advance.



    Even though they share the property I don’t think the shared accommodation rate applies as they are not single or a childless couple.

    I think the claimant with one child will be entitled to the 2-room rate (one for them and one for the child).

    I think the claimant with three children will be entitled to the 3-room rate on the assumption that all the children are under 16 (one for the claimant, one for two of the children to share and one for the other child).


    As both claimants have a child, the use of rooms in real life doesn’t matter: each is entitled to a room for themselves and the appropriate number for their own children. That will be two bedrooms for the claimant with one child and for the other claimant three bedrooms or, if two of the boys in the larger family are aged 16+, four bedrooms.

    The size criteria will not require the only child from the first family to share a room with one of the other children, because he is not part of that assessment unit.

    The cap rent calculation for each tenant is his/her own rent plus £15. So they could be in line for £30 extra between the two of them.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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