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    if I make my last ( of the year) main run payment in March which pays clmts up to mid March, the next payment ( paying the last 2 weeks of March) is paid in April.  Should those last 2 weeks come of of last financial year DHP budget or the new one?

    chris harvey

    The DWP claim form makes it clear:-
    “Payments should be claimed in the year they are made. If a payment is for a period that spans two financial years, it should be claimed in the year which it is made.”
    So if you make a payment in April 13 it should be accounted for in 2013/14.
    I am aware some systems do not do this correctly. I use Northgate and every year have to amend the report. They split our 4 weekly payments that are paid mid April but cover mid March to mid April into two DHP years but all of it should be accounted for in the new year as that is the year that the payments are made.


    I agree with Chris.

    If you use Northgate and want to pay from the current year right up to 31/03 in that year you can set the on going payment to expire on the Sunday of payment covered by the last payment run. Then pay the remaining period using the one off payment facility which should pay out on a daily basis.

    Doing this keep the accounting nice and neat.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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