who do we pay?

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    We have a claim where the tenant is over 8 weeks in arrears.In fact she has vacated the property without paying rent.
    Normally,no problem we would pay the landlord. But, the landlord is being investigated for fraud. Seems like she has another name and has failed to tell the local authority where she lives and where she claims HB and Income Support that she owns another property that she is renting out!
    So, the landord is not fit and proper. We can not pay her, we don’t really want to pay the absconded tenant, so who do we pay the HB to?

    Darren W

    Even if the landlord is not fit and proper Reg 96(3)(b) states that the authority can still make payments to the landlord if they are deemed not fit and proper if it is satisfied that it is nonetheless in the best interest of the claimant and his family that payments be made to the landlord.

    You could also send the payment to the claimant but in the name of the landlord.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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